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MASMS 2021 Conference Info and Registration Forms | Conference Health & Safety Announcement

Thank you are planning to attend this year’s conference. We are proud to have the opportunity to bring together so many dedicated, hard working building and ground leaders and staff, and business partners.

This conference brings you the unique opportunity to interact with the men and women who have dedicated their professional lives to the care of Minnesota Educational facilities and all who use them.


We hope you attend and enjoy this conference. We truly enjoy the opportunity of bringing it to you!  

Full Conference Schedule

MASMS Conference Health and Safety announcement: 
MASMS will follow the recommended guidelines set by the CDC & MDH.  At this time, masks will be encouraged for all conferenece participants when inside the building.

MASMS will have masks and hand sanitizer available. We will have commercial-grade air purifiers (with HEPA filters) for cleaning the air in the expo and educational session areas.  
The Holiday Inn & Suites continues to have stringent cleaning protocols, including frequent wiping and disinfecting of touch points (door handles, elevator buttons, handrails, restroom stall doors and sinks).

Conference Registration Forms:
Educational Member Conference Registration Form
Exhibitor | Business Member Registration Form
Retired Member Registration Form