Boiler Training and Exam Offered May 2, 2023 | Marshall Minnesota
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This page is dedicated for resources to assist members with all things related to boiler licenses from the State of Minnesota.
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Special Boiler License Exam Prep Class and Exam for December 1st
Offered by IEA
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Steam and Hot Water Boilers I – Dakota County Technical College (Rosemount, MN) - This course will fully prepare you for the boiler exam without outside study time. Course includes at least one boiler room tour. Instructor holds a Chief A MN Boiler Operator License and he is a certified NBIC Commissioned Boilers Inspector with over 15 years as a boiler class instructor.
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MN Boiler Operator Exam Prep | South Central CollegeLearn everything you need to know to pass your boiler exam from an expert instructor with 30+ years of experience - without leaving home or the workplace!
New classes scheduled quarterly | Live Online (Zoom) | Cost: $225
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State Contacts:
Minnesota Department of Labor Web Site (Posted 6/22/21)
Directory of Minnesota Boiler Inspectors (Posted 6/22/21)

Resource Links:
Licensing Information & Exam Resources (Posted 6/22/21)
Boilers, Pressure Vessels & Boats for Hire Chapter 326B (Posted 6/22/21)
Boilers, Pressure Vessels & Boats for Hire Chapter 5225 (Posted 6/22/21)

License Exam Schedule | Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry   (Posted 6/22/21)
Boiler Documents (Posted 6/22/21)
Exam Applications (Posted 6/22/21)
Interpreter and Translated Materials (Posted 6/22/21)
ADA Reasonable Accommodation Request Form

Training Links:
Special Boiler License Exam Practice Exam  (Posted 6/22/21)
Boiler Ben Free Training Videos (Posted 6/22/21)
Study Materials from the State of Minnesota (Posted 6/22/21)

Boiler  Policy Information:
Low Pressure Boiler Attendance Policy (Posted 6/22/21)
License Classification (Posted 6/22/21)