Jim Fredricks Leadership Scholarship Award - For MASMS Members

In 2008, the MASMS Executive Board created a unique scholarship honoring the exemplary leadership of Jim Fredricks, the former Director of Facilities at the College of St. Benedict. Jim was instrumental in the formation of the MASMS Chapter Structure, and served as Chapter President, State President, Treasurer, and NSPMA (National) President.

During his professional career, Jim worked hard to improve not only his skills, but also those of members throughout the organization. He believed strongly in education and professional growth of all MASMS members, creating the first educational and certification committee. He led this committee since its inception, committed to raising the bar of each individual as well as the organization.

This newly established annual $1000 scholarship will be awarded to MASMS members that emulate the same commitment to professional growth and leadership, and are looking to advance themselves in their profession. The applicants will be reviewed by the scholarship committee to determine those best suited for this award.

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