MASMS 2018 Scholarship Applications

MASMS Tom Robinson Memorial Scholarship Program for Children of MASMS Members

The MASMS Scholarship Committee is accepting essays from sons and daughters of all MASMS dues paying members and life members who are graduating seniors and any eligible post-secondary student accepted into any post secondary school in the United States.

How to Apply:
Complete the application form and your essay by April 1, 2018  All information will be reviewed by the MASMS Scholarship Selection Committee.  Awards will be announced by letter in early May 2018.  Click here for the application form.

The Legacy
The MASMS Scholarship Fund is named after Tom Robinson, a long time employee with the Hopkins School District in the maintenance field. Tom was instrumental in writing software for the State Department of Energy, and was the Secretary-Treasurer of MASMS, as well as Chairman of the Convention Committee for many years.

Since 1993, MASMS has offered educational scholarships to high school students who are graduating seniors, and any eligible post-secondary students accepted into any post-secondary school in the United States. These are sons and daughters of all dues paying MASMS members and Life members. Student applicants are asked to submit essays focusing on their participation in school and community activities during high school or in post secondary education. This includes involvement in areas such as student government, music, sports and volunteer work for church and other community projects.

Scholarships awarded can range from $500-$2000, based on available funds. These are awarded once a year, in the fall, at the MASMS State Conference in St. Cloud, MN. As of 2017, MASMS has awarded over $215,000 in educational scholarships to many deserving students, many who have showed their appreciation by sending thank you letters or updates, noting the impact that furthering their education had on their lives. Applicants can continue to apply each year until they reach a maximum scholarship total of $2000.

How to Get Involved
We are proud of the many achievements that have come from our Scholarship Program. All of us can make a difference and get involved in this great program. The Scholarship Program is funded through proceeds from the Fall Conference Golf Tournament, as well as from the financial contributions of our members. Many of our MASMS Members donate funds to this scholarship fund, ranging from $250-$1000 plus per year. This generosity has enabled MASMS to increase our scholarship giving for deserving applicants.

To provide recognition for such generous donations, the Scholarship Committee has started a four level certificate program, with each level indication dollar amounts donated. The levels are: Bronze-$250: Silver-$500: Gold-$750: Platinum-$1000. Members contributing at these levels will be presented with framed certificates at the fall State Convention. A plaque would accompany the certificate for Platinum level contributors.

If you are interested in this contributing to the Scholarship Program, please contact the MASMS Office at:   ruth@masms,.org
Jim Fredricks Leadership Scholarship Award - For MASMS Members

In 2008, the MASMS Executive Board created a unique scholarship honoring the exemplary leadership of Jim Fredricks, the former Director of Facilities at the College of St. Benedict. Jim was instrumental in the formation of the MASMS Chapter Structure, and served as Chapter President, State President, Treasurer, and NSPMA (National) President.

During his professional career, Jim worked hard to improve not only his skills, but also those of members throughout the organization. He believed strongly in education and professional growth of all MASMS members, creating the first educational and certification committee. He led this committee since its inception, committed to raising the bar of each individual as well as the organization.

This newly established annual $1000 scholarship will be awarded to MASMS members that emulate the same commitment to professional growth and leadership, and are looking to advance themselves in their profession. The applicants will be reviewed by the scholarship committee to determine those best suited for this award.

Scholarship Form(pdf)