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Special Event | Tour of the MSP Airport | May 9, 2023

MASMS Special Event | FULL tour of the MSP Airport

May 9, 2023 | 8:00 AM

We will be holding a tour of three major areas of the MSP airport:
Energy Management Center
Field Maintenance Buildings
MSP Facilities at Terminal 1

We will start from the Silver Ramp at T1 and take off on individual busses from there and rotate between the three stops outlined above.  We will be rotating three groups.

The leads of each tour will be the heads of each of the departments (we will have what they will bd covering at each stop on March 1st, that info will be added as soon as it is received.)

Once the groups have completed all three stops, we will head back to the Terminal, pick up Concourse passes and go through security to enjoy lunch in the Airport Conference Center.

8:00 AM     Registration
8:30 AM     Transportation and stop #1
9:30 AM     Transportation and stop #2
10:30 AM   Transportation and stop #3
11:30 AM   Transportation to the Terminal, go through Security
Noon           Lunch

When you sign up you will need to provide the following information so we can issue you a Concourse Pass.

  • Full Legal name as it appears on their ID including first, middle and last
  • Date of birth including month, date, and year
  • Gender

To Register for this event:
Go to the MASMS website:; Select "Member Login" (Top of the window)
Enter your username (first initial and last name)
Enter password "masms" (unless you changed it)
Select "Meeting Registration" (left hand side); Select the State Meeting.
Enter your full legal name as it appears on your ID, first, middle, and last name; date of birth including month, date and year; gender and school/organization.  Select the send button.